Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Minnesota Iceman

The Minnesota Iceman was a mysterious harry man-like creature buried in a block of ice that was put on display at carnivals by exhibitor Frank Hansen in Rolling Stone, Minnesota and Milwaukee during 1968. The Iceman was male, covered with brown hair, and was around six feet tall. One of its arms was broken and its left eye was falling out of its socket, allegedly from when the killing bullet struck it in the back of its head. It is unconfirmed to this day whether the Iceman was a hoax or genuine. Two scientists examined the Iceman and confirmed it as a living being citing that they could smell the purification of flesh in a spot where the ice had melted. The scientist even followed up with an article that caught the attention of the Smithsonian. The FBI almost began a murder investigation but J. Edgar Hoover showed no intrest stating that if it wasn't human, it wasn't there place to investigate. There were several speculations to the creatures origin ranging from Bemidji, Minnesota to Vietnam. Soon Hansen stopped any further investigation on the creature stating that the owner, a mysterious millionaire, did not want it investigated anymore. The Iceman quickly disapeared and in a 1995 interview, Hansen stated that he didn't know where the Iceman ever went.

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