Monday, October 8, 2007

The Monkey-Man of New Delhi

The CNN Report
In 2001, a mass hysteria swept New Delhi, India. The nations capital was plagued with reports of a mysterious night stalker. The "Monkey-Man" of New Delhi attacked people who were sleeping on the roof tops too escape the heat of their homes. Over a 100 people were allegedly attacked or bitten. The descriptions of the monkey man ranged from that of a bigfoot like wild beast to a cyborg. One women claimed her husband lost 2 teeth when the monkey man smacked him with his "metallic hand". This nocturnal ape-like creature caused hysteria so intense that two people died while attempting to flee to escape when warned of his presence, a pregnant women fell down the stairs and a an industrial worker jumped from a building. A crowd of people beat a 4 foot tall wandering Hindu mystic who matched the description of the monkey-man before turning him into police. A month later it was determined that the monkey man was the product of the collective imagination of New Delhi.

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