Monday, October 1, 2007

The Gemstone File

In 1975, a 23 page summary of thousands of pages of letters written by the mysterious Bruce Roberts was crafted by a freelance journalist named Stephanie Carauna entitled The Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File. The theory claims that Aristotle Onasis, the shipping tycoon that later married Jackie Kennedy after she was widowed was a major player in an elaborate conspiracy. Aristotle Onassis, claims the Gemstone File, was the head of the American Mafia; the Mafia and Government were tightly interconnected.
The Gemstone File starts in 1932, Onassis then just a humble "Greek drug pusher" makes a deal with Joseph Kennedy (JFK's father) and his bootlegging cronies. The Kennedy's would remain in debt to him for the following years. In 1957, Onassis orders billionare Howard Hughes kidnapped and drugged; Hughes and his subordinates are now pawns of Onassis and Hughe's fortune lies at the finger tips of Onassis.
In 1963, John F. Kennedy makes the mistake of backing off on the Bay of Pigs operation, which was in fact a Mafia operation to gain control of the "Cuban cash cow". Kennedy, already indebt to Onassis due to his father's deal 30 years earlier, is killed by a Mafia style hit. Onassis takes Kennedy's gun (The pentagon) and his girl (Jackie). Onassis preceded to coerce Lyndon Johnson to accept the truth: "There was no conspiracy. Oswald was the lone nut assassin. Get it Lyndon? Otherwise Air Force One might have an unfortunate accident on its way back to Washington."
The site goes on to explain that Onassis was also running the Nixon White House. Onassis was connected to the leak and the 18 minutes of missing tape. The story ends in the Gerald Ford era when both Onassis and the author of the Gemstone file, Bruce Roberts, die.
The underlying assumptions that need to be true in order for this conspiracy to stay afloat are:
1. Onassis has a desire to be in control of the government and he is extremely power hungry.
2. There was a conspiracy behind the Kennedy assassination and Howard Hughes behavior.
3. The Kennedy's and Onassis were connected prior to Onassis' marriage to Jackie Kennedy.
4. Onassis had connections to powerful people and people respected him as more than just a wealthy individual.
5. Bruce Roberts is a real person with real connections to people in power and he was mentally stable at the time he wrote the Gemstone File.

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