Monday, September 24, 2007

Herbal Cancer Treatment is an online herbal remedy store. As you enter the site, you are greeted with this disingeniune manufactured remark:
"Knowing your time and your life are valuable to you and those you love, we have done everything possible to make your visit to this site worthwhile. We know how critical your issues are, and we know that truth and honesty are crucial to good decisions and happy outcomes."
The site describes itself as an information goldmine for herbal remedies for cancer and other diseases. It even goes so far to say "
there is no sales pitch, merely intelligent explanations of the herbal remedies as they have been used by skilled practitioners historically and in the present." even though a sales pitch for a $27 Herbal Remedy book lies right next to this hypocritical message. The site attempts to persuade the customer that they are indifferent to whether or not their products are purchased, they just want to spread the information.
The site at least admits:

Where products are concerned, the Sanctuary makes no claim as to the superiority or effectiveness of what it provides. The herbs and/or herbal formulae are merely offered in the hopes of and with prayers for healing. The formulas are produced in accordance with historic and traditional precepts, not modern science. As such, using the methods of science, they are not 'proven.'

The site conveniently dodges being disproven by actually testing the products on animals on the basis that: "it does not condone experiments in which tumors are transplanted into animals or in which laboratory animals are deliberately exposed to carcinogens." Therefore, no concrete proof will really ever be offered for these herbal treatments.

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