Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sometimes I Just Don't Understand

I often find it difficult to understand how someone could genuinely enjoy the majority of the popular music we are exposed to today. For a more specific example, I was hanging out with a friend of mine and I asked her what kind of music she listened to. She first said she liked everything; which I usually interpet as meaning she doesn't have an eclectic taste in music at all. I asked her to be more specific she said, "Well I like just about everything but rock." Wow, that eliminates about 50 percent of recorded music. So I was I inquired further and She responded by saying what ever is on KDWB or B96. KDWB and B96 are the two media giant owned top 40 stations of the Twin Cities area. Both of these stations have a play list of what seems like less than 120 songs. Every time I flip by one of these stations, they are playing an annoying pop or hip hop song that I have already accidentally heard a million times. I just don't understand how someone can exclusively listen to radio stations that constantly loop music that is basically manufactured by one of the four major record labels. I just don't understand how someone can make that decision consciously.

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