Monday, September 10, 2007

UFO News Blog

In my search for a UFO blog on google I came upon this:

This UFO news blog entilted Cosmic Paradigm keeps UFO enthusiasts up to date with the latest reports of UFO sightings and other news involving extraterrestrials. The author strangely does not identify him or herself which I find somewhat strange, but there is contact information just in case a UFO is sighted.

The sight holds the title Cosmic Paradigm for a reason. The blog makes the claim that their are two main world view paradigms, the "Existing Paradigm" and "The Larger (Cosmic) Reality". The blog states that "Many people in the United States cling to the existing paradigm" but a number of people are begining to embrace the idea of "The Larger (Cosmic) Reality". The "Existing Paradigm" consists of the beliefs: 1. Aliens are here to harm us. 2. being un-open to a larger reality. 3. Its likely that there is intelligent life out there but it unlikely we will ever encounter it. 4. People are poor because they want to be 5. Global Warming isn't real. This is just a short list of the characterization of someone holding the "Existing Paradigm".

People who follow the "Larger (Cosmic) Reality" paradigm believe that "Earth-humans are not the only conscious life forms on this planet, let alone nearby worlds." Another belief held is that aliens have contacted humans to awaken them and help them transition this planet. Believers following this paradigm also believe that feelings of fear and paranoa will attract aliens who bring more fear and paranoa. Other beliefs of the "Larger (Cosmic) Reality Paradigm include: 1. " There is no word "accident" in the vocabulary of the universe. Each experience is created as an education for the soul." 2. The world we are living in right now is mostly an illusion and it was made to make us compliant.

In the frequently asked questions section several more claims are stated. Among these are: people have been abducted and subjected to experiments, Keeping alien secrets keeps the ruling elite in power, and (my favorite) there are hybrid humans and non humans on our planet.

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