Monday, September 17, 2007

Holocaust Hoax Propaganda

Christianity has its roots in Judiasm but that didn't seem to stop these loving Christians from creating their own holocaust denial webpage,
The "bible believers" claim that the gas chambers used at aushwitz were never actually used and were to faulty to be used. The authors support for his claim comes from "America's leading specialist on the design and fabrication of execution equipment" Fred Leuchter who allegedly took samples from the walls of the Aushwitz gas chambers and tested for traces of cyanide, finding none. The author then goes on to explain that not one autopsied body of Jew was found to have died of gas poisoning. The author makes no mention of crematoriums. The author states that most of the holocaust victims died of typhus and that the holocaust was an elaborate Zionist hoax. The author claims that even if the evidence againest gas chambers was eliminated, it would take "68 YEARS" to execute 6 million victims by gas chambers, he sights no source and seems to have pulled the number out of the air by his own figuring. The author continues to make many more bigoted anti-semitic claims in the name of Christianity, though the claims continue to seriously lack a reliable support.

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